Your Relationship Exists in the Present

Everyday when you go to work you have to perform to keep your job or your position. Everyday you should work on your relationship. If you are always saying what you use to do for your spouse and what you use to do together and not what you are doing now then my suggestion and advice is to ask yourself what have you done for them lately? Relationships exist in the present. What are you doing to maintain your marriage today?

If you found yourself in a new relationship, you would be putting time and energy into that relationship almost everyday. You would go see movies that you really did not want to see, or go out to dinner just because you wanted to be with that person or do something that makes them happy. It was not just about you. If it was just about you, then I suggest it not stay that way.

Relationships take time. You should work on your marriage daily. You should put time and energy into your marriage to keep it interesting and fresh. The recent past may hold up for a minute but if you are still talking about what you did 2-3 years ago, you need to step up your game. Tell your spouse that you love them daily, keep down the drama, do some things that you really do not want to do to spend time together. Find something mutual on television to watch, so you can watch together instead of in separate rooms. Go on a date at least once per month. Make time for your marriage.

God loves us and wants us to spend time with him daily. We can reach back to our past experiences to help us through our current situations but God wants to be a part of our lives everyday, wants to spend time with us everyday. He shows us that He loves us daily. You woke up this morning if you are reading this which means you are ahead of some people; it also means you have more opportunities and blessing to look forward to today. God has an opportunity to do a new thing for you today. God loves you so much He wants to spend time with you everyday.

Good marriages do not just happen; they take work, time and energy from both people. The marriage ceremony is just the beginning. If your vertical relationship with God is right, then your horizontal relationship with your spouse will be right. Do something for your spouse today.