Dynamic Presentations – Lasting Impact – Thank Your Meetings’ Venue

Who doesn’t want a highly powerful presentation that has deep and lingering effect on the audience? If you are thinking that such kind of presentations require detailed arrangements and heavy financing, then here is an eye opener for you.

A presentation does not require lots of money in order to be a good and effective one. You can create the same magic even with a lower budget. All you need is – a fresh perspective! There should be something new, something different in your presentation. No one likes the old horse being flogged back and forth.

There are many things that can lend the much required freshness to your presentations and corporate events. One of them is the meetings venue you choose. You can choose a new venue to host your corporate functions.

It is basic human nature to be attracted to new things. When you want your ideas to be long lasting and fresh in the minds of your audience, you can present them at a place, which is new in the town, (city or country) or simply not very popular among your business associates. This will make your event stay in their minds for a long time or maybe even lifetime. How? Simple psychology! They will associate your presentation with the new
meetings venue that they had visited.

Now selecting a new venue for your important meeting is not the only task. The corporate venue also has to meet some of the other but very important criteria.

1. First of all, the venue should be the right place for holding corporate events like the one you have in mind. It is very important to have the germane conference centre for providing the Midas touch to your presentation.

2. Secondly, the venue ought to be a professional and well maintained one. An unprofessional or unkempt place is a big turn off.

3. Then, there should be proper technical assistance and manpower support, especially that which is adequate for your presentation.

4. And then, it should be capacious enough to fit in all your guests comfortably.

Every time you need to look for a venue, it is not practically possible for you to go fishing for a new place. In such a case you can take assistance from professional venue finder and make your search simple and highly profitable one!

Your Relationship Exists in the Present

Everyday when you go to work you have to perform to keep your job or your position. Everyday you should work on your relationship. If you are always saying what you use to do for your spouse and what you use to do together and not what you are doing now then my suggestion and advice is to ask yourself what have you done for them lately? Relationships exist in the present. What are you doing to maintain your marriage today?

If you found yourself in a new relationship, you would be putting time and energy into that relationship almost everyday. You would go see movies that you really did not want to see, or go out to dinner just because you wanted to be with that person or do something that makes them happy. It was not just about you. If it was just about you, then I suggest it not stay that way.

Relationships take time. You should work on your marriage daily. You should put time and energy into your marriage to keep it interesting and fresh. The recent past may hold up for a minute but if you are still talking about what you did 2-3 years ago, you need to step up your game. Tell your spouse that you love them daily, keep down the drama, do some things that you really do not want to do to spend time together. Find something mutual on television to watch, so you can watch together instead of in separate rooms. Go on a date at least once per month. Make time for your marriage.

God loves us and wants us to spend time with him daily. We can reach back to our past experiences to help us through our current situations but God wants to be a part of our lives everyday, wants to spend time with us everyday. He shows us that He loves us daily. You woke up this morning if you are reading this which means you are ahead of some people; it also means you have more opportunities and blessing to look forward to today. God has an opportunity to do a new thing for you today. God loves you so much He wants to spend time with you everyday.

Good marriages do not just happen; they take work, time and energy from both people. The marriage ceremony is just the beginning. If your vertical relationship with God is right, then your horizontal relationship with your spouse will be right. Do something for your spouse today.

Negotiation Psychology Paradigms: Mind Your Mind

In a negotiation, psychologically, negotiators strive to alter the paradigm of the other negotiator. They attempt to do so for obvious reasons; they want the best deal they can get, and thus they attempt to shift the mental perception of the other negotiator. Sometimes, they’ll use the ploy of ‘disgust’ to do so.

To the degree one is more successful at doing so than the other, one comes out further in the negotiation.

The following are thoughts you can use to shift the mindset of the person with whom you negotiate.

1. Identify what’s important to the other negotiator.

You can accomplish this by asking, ‘what outcome are you seeking from this negotiation?’ Negotiation Tip: To be more subtle, you can ask, ‘what would you like to see occur today?’ You’ll receive feedback. Note to what degree you sense disgust. Then, as the negotiation progresses, see how far the other negotiator will go to achieve his stated outcome, and what he’s willing to concede to get it. This might be easier said than done, because he may ask for things that are unreasonable to see how much he can get. So, be careful to confirm what has been stated as being important, versus what you see in the form of the other negotiator’s actions. His actions will give you more insight than his words.

2. Read his body language and you read his mind.

Reading body language can be daunting. Some negotiators think, if someone has their arms crossed, they’re not open or receptive to an offer. Depending upon where you are in the negotiation process, that can be true or false. First, always establish the baseline of the other negotiator to determine how he uses his body in a ‘normal’ situation (whatever normal is for him). Then, compare what is his normal body language usage to the changes he emits when he’s disgusted, calm, contemplative, and/or reflective. As an example, if he’s jovial throughout the negotiation and makes gestures with his hands up and open, take note when his hands are turned down and he’s pulling his gestures towards himself. The latter could denote a shift in his paradigm. Depending on how such might influence the negotiation, you should take an appropriate action to align his mind with your thoughts.

3. Use Microexpressions to identify real thoughts and emotions.

Microexpressions are mental displays of emotion that are unfiltered by the mind before they’re displayed. They last for no more than one second. Since the mind does not filter the action before it’s committed, the display you see is real. There are 7 micro expressions that are generic to everyone on the planet. They are, fear, anger, disgust, surprise, contempt, happiness, and sadness. I’ll use ‘disgust’ as an example of how you might use a micro expression to validate a body language gesture you observe. When disgust is exhibited, the exhibitor will appear to have his upper lip raised towards his nose as though something doesn’t smell right. Through that action, he’s telling you that your offer doesn’t appeal to him. Take note that he may display the same signs when making an offer to you, if he doesn’t think you’ll accept it, or know it’s not a good offer. In such case, he may be testing you to see how you’ll react to his offer.

There are many psychological insights one can glean and use, to alter the other negotiator’s paradigm, during a negotiation. The better adept you become at using the above suggestions, the greater your negotiation outcomes will be… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!