Use Presentation Folders As an Effective Marketing Tool

Today’s presentation folders can do much more than simply hold paperwork! There are an endless array of uses for individuals, educational institutions and business organisations. Indispensable within an office environment, presentation folders also act as a powerful marketing tool when you’re out and about.

It’s easy to customise folders to your exact specifications at a fraction of the cost of other forms of branding, marketing and promotion. A customised folder is ideal for use at exhibitions, business meetings, trade shows and presentations and provides the perfect cost effective way to promote your brand.

Powerful Presentations

Whenever people meet they make several snap judgements about each other before they even open their mouths. A presentation folder is a sure fire way to make the right first impression at business meetings, conferences and corporate gathering and give you the professional edge. You can use your folder to keep your important paperwork organised, whilst an expert promotional design will give further impact to your message.

Brand Promotion

More and more businesses are utilising the power of promotional materials that can be given away at events or to prospective clients. Mouse mats, mugs and printed pens are all very well, but a branded promotional folder is much more likely to be used and seen by others and will generally have a longer shelf life too, which means the money you spend goes further. You can create a completely unique design that will specifically appeal to your target customers to further enhance your brand identity.

Impressive Information

Many companies need to distribute information both internally and to clients. A beautifully branded presentation folder can be used to distribute all types of documents including leaflets, posters, presentation notes, training manuals, catalogues and product information. Since much of the data presented at conferences and to clients will be used for reference, a quality folder is an ideal way to ensure that the necessary information is easily accessible.

Exceptional Design

In order for your presentation folder to pack a powerful punch, it needs to look as professional as possible, which is why if you’re considering promotional presentation folders for your business it’s best to call on the experts. You can order high quality presentation folders online complete with professionally designed branding so your folders reflect the quality of your business.


So if you want a quick and cost effective way to promote your business and get the professional edge over your competitors then order your customised presentation folders today.

The Perfect Present Buying Guide

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The How To’s of Investor Presentations

Investor presentations take time and patience to prepare. Doing your homework, settling on strategy, developing messages, honing a pitch and delivering it well, will all be required. The judgment on whether you’ve hit your mark however will be swift. Your audience will usually decide within the opening minute of your pitch, whether they want to hear more.

With so much at stake, there is simply no room for error on the basics. Investors won’t be sold on a good idea poorly presented. However powerful your product or idea, your presentation must be targeted to this very specific audience to be successful. Keep these basics in mind when preparing for your investor presentation:

o Where’s the beef? It’s simply not enough to explain your product or idea. Investors want to know whether that product or idea presents a worthwhile market opportunity for them. You must show you understand this potential and have done your homework well enough to be able to describe it from their point of view.

o Know the lay of the land: Know what others are doing in your field and how your idea or product stacks up to the competition. Who are your competitors, and what makes your product unique in comparison to them?

o Short and succinct: Investors will not invest in something they cannot understand or explain easily to others. No matter how complex or sophisticated your idea is, you simply have to be able to talk about it in a way that anyone, even those outside your field, can understand.

o Confidence is catching: Enthusiasm and confidence are essential in convincing investors of the need and worth of your idea. Hone and practice your pitch as much as possible to nail this one.

o Present like a pro: Keep your pitch short and powerful with a clear flow and a logical progression. Don’t forget to close the deal with a call to action and a clear “ask” about what you’ll need financially to make this investment a success for all.

Remember — let your passion and your confidence shine through!

Aileen Pincus is founder of The Pincus Group, providing communications training worldwide.