Choosing A Wedding Present

When a family member or a friend gets married, it is very important that you congratulate him and make him feel how happy you are for him. While mere words of congratulations would suffice for this purpose, it is even better to relay your best wishes through a gift that a newly wed couple will be certain to appreciate. The question, however, remains. What wedding present will you give?

Getting a gift for someone can be quite difficult. Both the occasion and the receiver should be taken into consideration when choosing a gift. Thus when you are grappling with the task of selecting just the perfect gift to give your friend or relative on his day of days, you should think about your decision really carefully.

It Is for a Wedding

Though you know that you’re buying a wedding present, it is still better to constantly remind yourself of that fact. You may be tempted to buy your relative or friend something that you know he’s really going to like, say new surfboarding gear or a new coat. Remember, your relative or friend may like your gift, but it is hardly appropriate as a wedding gift. Such gifts are better given for special occasions like birthdays or Christmases. Weddings require gifts that both the bride and the groom will appreciate.

To help you out, there are specialty stores which cater to this need. Some stores have specially marked wedding gift sections and the items they contain are a suggestion in themselves. You can also ask your friend’s or relative’s parents or close friends about the wedding registry information. This way, you can be sure to give a wedding gift that the couple is sure to like.

Cheap Christmas Presents 2009 – The Three Most Popular Sites For Finding Cheap Gifts This Year

Cheap Christmas presents are best found at the dollar store, or on the internet. Actually, the internet is probably the best place to find tons of cheap gifts for family and friends. If you are new to the Internet, or you just don’t like to spend a lot of time online, I am going to give you a few ideas of great places to find cheap gifts where you don’t have to spend a ton of money.

Everyone’s favorite site for cheap presents has to be They are probably the most well-known cheap place on the internet. You can all kinds of junk over at that website. You can also find tons of ridiculous gag gifts over there. While this is a great place to find cheap Christmas gifts, you can also look at several other sites.

You have probably heard of They also have tons of things for sale all over the place. While they are most recently famous for the erotic postings, they are really a much better place to find cheap stuff. In some cases, people are just giving stuff away at that site. You really should do yourself a favor and checkout and do a search for the items you are looking for this Christmas. You do not have to spend a ton of money or time to find what you are looking for there.

Another excellent site to checkout is Most people have heard of Amazon, but many people do not realize that Amazon is an excellent website for other things besides books. They sell pretty much anything at Amazon, and they also sell used items there too. You can find what you want there. I even found one website where they tell you the top 10 Christmas gifts for 2009. There they give you 10 of the hottest gifts for this holiday season, and they include links to the products at the Amazon website.

Cheap Christmas Presents are available online if you know where to look. Make sure you go to trusted websites to do your shopping, and make sure you check out the best deals on everything before making a purchase.

The Perfect Present Buying Guide

We are here to help you choose the perfect luxury present, whether it’s for a girlfriend, friend or lover. Whatever the occasion, women love to receive lingerie. Sexy lingerie can be a gift from a guy to his girlfriend or from a girl to her boyfriend, a treat for her is a treat for him!

Wearing sexy lingerie makes a woman feel confident and luxurious, creating an atmosphere to feel intimate and close with a partner or someone special. It also creates a feeling of confidence when fully clothed, underneath wearing gorgeous new lingerie that makes you feel great.

For those of you out there preferring to have a little bit of cover and don’t want to bare all – well not at first anyway, the perfect sexy lingerie to make you feel gorgeous is here! Why not try a sexy Mini Skirt Bikini Set it consists of a sexy halter top and cute miniskirt complete with garter belts. This is a great way to feel covered in conscious areas but still look stunning.

If you are getting a present for a lover think about what will make you both feel good and also comfortable together. There is nothing worse than one of you feeling uncomfortable as it will ruin your big night. So be selective when picking lingerie, however if you know your lover well then why not try something more risky? Such as some sexy lace negligee, or playtime accessories, check out an erotic dice game or chocolate & strawberry body pens.

When looking for a gift for a friend why not try a lingerie bra and panty set? Girls love lingerie and if they are single and don’t have a partner to buy them lingerie then lingerie is a great present to give to your friend. If you are not sure what size she is then don’t worry, why not select some great leg wear and luxury tights in one-size-fits-all. Leg wear is always great to have a different range of for special occasions and everyday wear.

I hope I have helped you with ideas for a perfect lingerie present, whether for a loved one or a friend there is something for everyone out there the online lingerie market offers a huge range of great gifts . Another idea – why not stock up on some sexy false eyelashes and get the perfect gift for your friend or girlfriend to complete an outfit.

7 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Oral Presentations

Talking in front of a group of friends is drastically different than giving a speech to a number of co workers or colleagues in class or work. However, the basic principles that govern great communication are the same. You may not be aware of it when using them in everyday conversations, but they really come quite naturally to anyone. This article will give you an overview on how you can understand and leverage these skills you already have!

1. Use Body Language- Effectively using hand motions or gestures when talking is a crucial aspect of oral presentations. Most people are too nervous to do more than stand or switch feet while presenting, but if you just imagine talking to close friends it all becomes more natural and you won’t be so fearful.

2. Be Firm- When talking to your friends, you usually don’t have doubts or speak softly, right? So why do so in a presentation? Talk with a strong voice and make sure your face expresses confidence in what you’re saying.

3. Avoid Reading from Notes- Having a few note cards is alright, but don’t rely on them to do the talking for you. Make sure you have a good grasp of what you’re going to say before the speech even arrives, and then get up and say it!

4. Keep The Audience’s Attention- This is something you also have experience doing with friends, and that can easily be accomplished with other groups of people. Keeping the focus on you can seem challenging depending on the environment, but it’s not nearly as difficult as it seems. If you through in a relevant interlude, and react to what’s happening with the audience or perhaps ask the audience to chime in with their opinion on a part of your topic, then it becomes easier to be heard.

5. Use Humor- Humorous anecdotes sprinkled throughout your oral presentation can keep the audience awake and focused on you as well.

6. Utilize visual aids- Hand outs and diagrams or charts, if allowed and prepared well, are great ways to get your audience not only interacting, but interested in what you have to say much more than if you simply talked to them. This is just the same as when you explain a story to a family member or friend and mime it out with things around you.

7. Know When to Stop Talking- Everyone whose ever said the wrong thing will probably be good with this one- if you know how to speak well and explain your views, then chances are you won’t get antagonistic looks. If you are badly received by your audience, however, you should know when to call it quits and wrap things up. Alternatively, you can keep talking but change things up and make them a bit more fun for the audience.

As you can see, communication as a whole relies a lot on these basic things, and you can become a better presenter if you learn to utilize every day methods of getting your point across in formal speeches. These tips will hopefully get you off on the right foot when you’re giving a speech.

How To Find What Is Already Present

When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us. -Helen Keller

The signal to the satellite had gone out, and after it was restored, I couldn’t get the sound to come back on.

I tried everything I could think of, and finally called the company for help. The young man said gently, “I don’t want to offend you, but have you checked to see if the volume is turned up?”

My initial split-second response was to say, “Of course I have” until I realized that I hadn’t, and as I pushed the volume control up, magically the sound reappeared.

I couldn’t find my notebook that I had stored in my supply closet. I knew it was there, but even with extensive searching, I couldn’t find it. Finally, I described the notebook to Del and asked him to find it for me. Within seconds, he reached in and pulled it out.

I was looking for a tube of lotion that I knew I had purchased. I looked where I thought I had put it along with every other place I could think of, but I couldn’t find it.

Finally, I decided I must not have bought the tube after all, so purchased another. Putting it away in the place it belonged, I saw the other tube right beside it. Yes, it had been there all along, but the end of the box was a different color than I remembered so I didn’t see it.

Last spring I never put my rolling greenhouse out because I had to paint the deck first and that is where I always put it. However, it rained so often all spring; I didn’t get the deck painted until summer, too late for the greenhouse. Later I realized that the greenhouse could have gone many other places.

I make ice tea by putting 4 cups of water in a measuring cup, microwaving it, and then add tea bags. I didn’t make any for a few days because that measuring cup was dirty. Finally, it dawned on me that I could just make 2 cups for the day in the other measuring cup.

All these have one thing in common – perception – blind perception or a locked in paradigm of thinking and perceiving.

Just a few examples, but it happens every day, all day, in everything we do and expect.

Recognizing that perception is what determines what we experience in the world, it becomes crystal clear that it is always perception that we are shifting, not another person, or place, or thing.

What we perceive with our senses is only what we have first perceived and believed to be true.

We all make light of the beauty queen who answers, “World peace” when asked what she wants, but we do the same thing. We want world peace, bigger homes, more cash, and more love, so we look for ways to satisfy those desires.

If we can’t even find a tube of lotion that is already present, when the memory of what it looks like is faulty, or our state of mind is blocking the seeing of a notebook that is right in front of our face, then how do we expect to find these big things without shifting out of perceptions, behaviors, and habits?

It is obviously that we have to shift our perception out of what we think and perceive, and into a new paradigm in order to see what is already present.

There are two approaches to making this shift. One might work, but will only last a short time and in specific circumstances. The other always works and always lasts.

The approach that works and lasts is the one that sets thinking and perceiving in a strong scientific foundation. This foundation starts with only One presence, and that one is the intelligent Mind and we are Its thoughts.

This doesn’t make a lick of sense to the human mind.

But, it is not our human mind that knows and understands the Truth of our Being anyway. It’s the connection and knowing within that verifies to us that we are not our human mind, body, or life. And no matter what we call this One intelligent Mind, It is all-good, all-present, all-power, and all-knowing.

Beginning with this premise as our foundation, what appears as our human ability to perceive what is already present – expands.

If we choose the alternative path – short term, gotta make myself better, have some positive thinking, control this with my will, make it happen kind of perception – we are in for some good times, and some bad ones because we will have never left the human belief mind set where good and bad battle it out forever.

Within the foundation of divine perception, we are never looking for something, or a person or a situation we have to fix. Instead, we are dedicated to letting go of how we think it is, or want it is to be, and to allowing the Light of the One to shine as our lives.

This will reveal what is already present, and always practical.

While strolling through the garden early one evening I noticed a small, round, black object. Picking it up, I realized it was the lens cap to our camera. I carried it back into the house, where Del had just started looking for it.

This is a small, but perfect example that all we ever need is present before we ask. It’s one of those spiritual laws found within the foundation of only One Mind, and it is Love.

Therefore, although we are all looking for world peace, we will only find its permanent presence when we seek and act within the divine consciousness of Love.

And it shall come to pass, that before they call, I will answer; and while they are yet speaking, I will hear. Isa 65: 24

Presentation Folders and Business Activities

Almost all the large companies and businesses engage in various business activities. These are necessary to run various business projects. These activities include presentations, seminars, sales reports, meetings, conferences and many others of this nature. In these situations, the use of a presentation folder facilitates the situation in many ways by managing the documents properly.

Every company also likes to promote its business identity. They utilize various tools for this purpose. For example, stickers and banners can be used. For indoor marketing, the use of custom presentation folder also offers a good chance to serve the same purpose with good results. With their large sizes, they can serve this purpose with effective results and far wider reach.

The basic function of presentation folders is to manage documents in a manner that is effective for saving time and efforts. There are produced with such designs that are very useful in serving this basic purpose. With their pockets built on the inside of their covers, they can handle important business documents with safety and security.

These products can take advantage of various printing techniques. In fact, the printing alone can make a huge difference in the success of folder printing. This task requires the use of the best printing technologies. For example, full color CMYK printing process can be utilized to produce high quality products without any hassle.

One more thing that can make an impact is the use of customization options. Most of the printing companies offer them to their customers for better services. They can change anything in the design and shape of their product to make them more compatible with their needs.

Fathers Day Presents and Gift Ideas

Today Father’s Day is celebrated in more than 50 countries all over the world on the third Sunday of June. In 2010 the third Sunday of June and thus Father’s Day will be on the 20th. This holiday is similar with Mother’s Day only that it is (obviously) for fathers. We used to make gifts for our mothers every year on Mother’s Day. Why not search for Fathers Day presents as well?

Fathers Day presents can be anything you think will make your dad really happy. Is your dad an avid reader? Then buy him a book you are sure he will really like. Does your dad like electronics or IT devices? If you have the money you could buy him a new tablet PC or anything else you know he would love. We can give you dozens of gift ideas for Father’s Day but the best idea for you may be to ignore all our ideas and create a creative and original gift on your own. The best Father’s Day presents are definitely the ones you create on your own from your heart.

However, if you still cannot really find something interesting to create we may try to help you. A good idea would be to simply make a search on the internet for “father’s day gift ideas”. You will find loads of ideas for you and will then be able to choose a gift that will be appropriate for your dad.

Is your dad very fond of gadgets? If so you are lucky. There are dozens of things you could buy for him. If he is fond of his camera and likes taking pictures you could buy your dad a camera case and let him experiment with underwater photos. Does your father prefer the comfort of Apple products? Look for Apple accessories and you will eventually find exactly what you think your father would want. If your father loves sports think of buying him equipment from his favorite team.

While the gift is truly important your father will surely appreciate a personal visit from you. Even if you have a very busy schedule (which you probably do have) you should make time to visit your dad and remember the good old times. Have a nice time on Father’s Day.

The How To’s of Investor Presentations

Investor presentations take time and patience to prepare. Doing your homework, settling on strategy, developing messages, honing a pitch and delivering it well, will all be required. The judgment on whether you’ve hit your mark however will be swift. Your audience will usually decide within the opening minute of your pitch, whether they want to hear more.

With so much at stake, there is simply no room for error on the basics. Investors won’t be sold on a good idea poorly presented. However powerful your product or idea, your presentation must be targeted to this very specific audience to be successful. Keep these basics in mind when preparing for your investor presentation:

o Where’s the beef? It’s simply not enough to explain your product or idea. Investors want to know whether that product or idea presents a worthwhile market opportunity for them. You must show you understand this potential and have done your homework well enough to be able to describe it from their point of view.

o Know the lay of the land: Know what others are doing in your field and how your idea or product stacks up to the competition. Who are your competitors, and what makes your product unique in comparison to them?

o Short and succinct: Investors will not invest in something they cannot understand or explain easily to others. No matter how complex or sophisticated your idea is, you simply have to be able to talk about it in a way that anyone, even those outside your field, can understand.

o Confidence is catching: Enthusiasm and confidence are essential in convincing investors of the need and worth of your idea. Hone and practice your pitch as much as possible to nail this one.

o Present like a pro: Keep your pitch short and powerful with a clear flow and a logical progression. Don’t forget to close the deal with a call to action and a clear “ask” about what you’ll need financially to make this investment a success for all.

Remember — let your passion and your confidence shine through!

Aileen Pincus is founder of The Pincus Group, providing communications training worldwide.

I Need a Present – Any Ideas?

Everyone needs a present. It does not matter how old you are, whether you are someone who only likes the designer things or someone who likes the simpler things in life – you need a present and to be spoilt.

Everyone’s idea of a perfect present is different of course, but I dare you to go into a shop purposely created for present purchases and not drool over a present you’ve just got to have.

The last time I was in a store like this was to buy a present for my parents, who are certainly not easy to buy for. They are not only people who are not nuts for designer objects but they buy anything they have a desire for or need which means when it comes to shopping for them there are very few options left. Although I had a very specific item in mind after months of racking my brains, I found myself wandering around different aisles, looking at sales and the newest offers for more inspiration. I am sure I spent much more time than I had intended in the store. I wish I could say it was because I was looking at all the present options for my parents but this was not the case. Very quickly I was looking at presents and gift ideas that took my fancy for myself. Shopping alone made it even worse as I had no one to drag me away and restrain me. The best part is that the people at the store are perfectly fine with letting people play and get carried away with a present which is more likely to be for themselves than a gift for anyone else. (At least they were in this store – play at your own risk!)

Presidential Debate Number 3: Five Lessons to Step-Up Your Next Presentation

The pressure was on, each candidate striving to deliver the knock-out punch that would leave a lasting impression, swaying undecided voters. Two evenly matched candidates, this debate felt like a tug-of-war… one moment one candidate winning until the rebuttal, when his opponent would take the lead.

While I thought Obama was closer to his second-debate performance than Romney was to his first round win, all in all I’d say it was a draw. Why? Quite different in their styles, both men projected the confidence, credibility and connection that is critical to presidential leadership.

While you may be expecting a critique discussing why a “draw”, I’d like to take this opportunity to share five lessons from the 3rd debate that you can use immediately to step up the quality of your next presentation.

Presidential Lessons Learned

  • Watch your Posture. Did you notice that from the moment the two candidates sat down they were locked, loaded and ready for action? What did they do that communicated this message? Quite simply it was their posture. Rather than sitting back comfortably in their chairs both men leaned slightly forward with their arms resting on the table top. Their posture alone said energized and engaged. Take-a-way: If seated when presenting, always lean slightly forward, back straight and shoulders relaxed and squared. If you sit back and get too comfortable you can look like a disinterested sack of potatoes NOT a leader.

  • Stay Engaged. In previous debates, both Obama and Biden didn’t always appear to be listening when their opponent were speaking. Sometimes they looked disinterested, distracted or at times dismissive. But all that changed, this time both candidates turned their head, looked at their opponent and appeared to be listening when the other was speaking. Take-a-way: Whenever there are multiple presenters, always look at and listen to the person who is speaking. This level of engagement says a lot about your character.

  • Create Interest. Romney’s response to the first question started with a salutation. In the previous two debates, both candidates included a greeting with their opening remarks. However, last night when it was Obama’s turn, he skipped the salutation and jumped right into answering the question. Take-a-way: An audience prefers if you skip the greeting and find an interesting way to both grab their attention and introduce the content of your remarks / presentation. Be careful not to default to a salutation to get you started.

  • Solicit Feedback. It was clear that both candidates had been skillfully coached on their presentation style. This was most evident with Obama improving both his messaging and delivery with each debate. Take-a-way: Benefit from the feedback of others. Don’t count on your judgment alone to determine the effectiveness of your presentation. Solicit feedback, gathering differing perspectives about what works and what to change. Ask trusted colleagues to consider: If this was your presentation and you had only 15 minutes to make any changes, what would you change?”

  • Ask for the Sale. For the first time, both men gave thoughtful consideration to their closing remarks and concluded by asking to be your next president. Take-a-way: The conclusion is your final opportunity to leave a lasting impression that moves your listeners to action. Be sure you know what you want your listeners to do and ask for it.

Implementing these lessons learned in your next presentation are sure to make you a winner!