I Need a Present – Any Ideas?

Everyone needs a present. It does not matter how old you are, whether you are someone who only likes the designer things or someone who likes the simpler things in life – you need a present and to be spoilt.

Everyone’s idea of a perfect present is different of course, but I dare you to go into a shop purposely created for present purchases and not drool over a present you’ve just got to have.

The last time I was in a store like this was to buy a present for my parents, who are certainly not easy to buy for. They are not only people who are not nuts for designer objects but they buy anything they have a desire for or need which means when it comes to shopping for them there are very few options left. Although I had a very specific item in mind after months of racking my brains, I found myself wandering around different aisles, looking at sales and the newest offers for more inspiration. I am sure I spent much more time than I had intended in the store. I wish I could say it was because I was looking at all the present options for my parents but this was not the case. Very quickly I was looking at presents and gift ideas that took my fancy for myself. Shopping alone made it even worse as I had no one to drag me away and restrain me. The best part is that the people at the store are perfectly fine with letting people play and get carried away with a present which is more likely to be for themselves than a gift for anyone else. (At least they were in this store – play at your own risk!)