Hookah Flavor Saver | Review

If you want to up your hookah game, using a flavor saver is your one-shot chance! This accessory is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for heat management. These devices are placed above a hookah bowl and replace the traditional foil. With the help of HMDs, you can now enjoy a superior smoking experience. In addition, you would have complete control over the burn rate of the hookah coal. Thus, you can control the intensity and smoothness of shisha tobacco.

What Is A Flavor Saver?

Must you have heard about “heat management devices” for hookah? If so, then you must be thinking about what they are and what they do. A flavor saver is a type of heat management device for your hookah. We get this question from many smokers, most of the time. So let’s break it all down.

A heat management device (in this case, a flavor saver) is a device that creates a barrier between hookah charcoal and tobacco. This barrier is often a metal plate made out of aluminum or stainless steel.

So is flavor saver a type of HMD? Yes, it is!

Is Your Hookah Overheating?

Now the question arises, when would you know that your shisha is overheating? You would see that it is getting overheated when there is a change in your hookah smoke. To avoid headaches during your session, the coal needs to be rotated from time to time. With the help of the pair of tongs, you can choose to select a different area on the bowl to make sure that your shisha burns evenly. You are entitled to the best flavor profile. You would also have to check the bowl from time to time to see any smoke rising out of the top of the bowl. This will prevent your hookah from burning. If you see smoke on the top of your bowl, be sure to rotate the coals. If the taste becomes harsher, try removing the coal from the bowl for several minutes and allow the tobacco to cool down. Then, try smoking again after some time!

All these issues can be circumvented if you use a flavor saver as your heat management device.

How To Use A Flavor Saver For Your Hookah Session?

Firstly, this hookah accessory can be used with any hookah bowl. There is no specific hookah bowl that needs to be used when it comes to a flavor saver. Next comes its setup. Prepare your hookah bowl with foils as you usually would. Next, place the flavor saver on top of your coil. You have now successfully created a metal barrier to diffuse the intense direct heat. Finally, put your preferred coal on your flavor saver, and give it time to heat.

While using an HMD, you need to expect a slightly longer time to warm up the bowl. Since the coals are further away, it would take a few extra minutes and puffs to get it going. However, it is worth it with the extended time since you are getting an extended session without burnt-out flavors.

While using a flavor saver, you would get to see that you can use more charcoal than you usually would! So using this accessory is pretty beneficial if you are looking for extended smoking sessions.

Pros Of Using A Flavor Saver

There are a great number of advantages when it comes to using a flavor saver. Also, when you start using this accessory during your hookah session, you would get to experience the difference.

Some of the pros of using a flavor saver are as follows:

When you smoke Tangiers with natural coals, using a flavor saver is pretty beneficial.
It is a common thing done by persistent smokers to throw the coconut coals halfway. A complete cycle of coconut charcoal lasts around 40 minutes. You would need to start putting in new coals. However, once you start using a flavor saver, you can toss three full coconut coals on top of it and let it burn. With three full coals, the shisha heats up twice as fast as any other standard coal. The benefit? You can smoke your shisha for almost 2 hours without any interruption.
Heat management becomes very easy. It provides you with a vast margin of heat to work with. There is no need to worry about scorching your shisha. When you use this accessory, you will understand the difference right away!
Since there is no risk of scorching the shisha, it makes your flavor “cleaner.” However, this is not what a flavor saver is used for.
The heat produced with this accessory is evenly distributed. It is advised that you should smoke Tangiers while using a flavor saver.
Cons Of Using a Flavor Saver

There are quite a few disadvantages while using this accessory. If you are going to use a flavor saver, there are some things you need to keep in mind before using one for your smoking session.

Flavor saver can only be used when you’re smoking Tangiers. It is highly effective and can only be used with Tangiers. If you are planning on using it for some other hookah tobacco, it wouldn’t be as effective as it is.
You would need to put more coals in your bowl. This means that you will end up spending more on coals per bowl. This would lead to an extra expense to your hookah session.
This accessory is pretty beneficial for someone who wants an easy smoking session! However, for those who like to exercise their mastery in packing bowls and managing heat, this is an unnecessary accessory.
Review Of Flavor Saver From Our Point Of View

We have reviewed the best flavor savers in the market and came to the following conclusion. Likewise, this is our point of view and can hugely differ from the rest of the smokers.

A flavor saver is only beneficial for smoking Tangiers. If you are smoking something else other than Tangiers, then this equipment is entirely unnecessary. You can easily have a 3-hour long smoking session without any interruption.
The spiral of this accessory does not lock the heat.
You cannot replace this accessory just by packing the shisha lower. If you pack it lower, you trap the heat in the space between the bowl and the shisha. With a flavor saver, a considerable amount of heat is lost between the spiral and the bowl.

Some smokers argue that a flavor saver isn’t a heat management device. This is because they do not enclose the hookah coals. These HMDs are a spiral of sheet metal with a handle that can be easily rotated to avoid hotspots. However, these cannot be adjusted in any way when it comes to airflow.