Use Presentation Folders As an Effective Marketing Tool

Today’s presentation folders can do much more than simply hold paperwork! There are an endless array of uses for individuals, educational institutions and business organisations. Indispensable within an office environment, presentation folders also act as a powerful marketing tool when you’re out and about.

It’s easy to customise folders to your exact specifications at a fraction of the cost of other forms of branding, marketing and promotion. A customised folder is ideal for use at exhibitions, business meetings, trade shows and presentations and provides the perfect cost effective way to promote your brand.

Powerful Presentations

Whenever people meet they make several snap judgements about each other before they even open their mouths. A presentation folder is a sure fire way to make the right first impression at business meetings, conferences and corporate gathering and give you the professional edge. You can use your folder to keep your important paperwork organised, whilst an expert promotional design will give further impact to your message.

Brand Promotion

More and more businesses are utilising the power of promotional materials that can be given away at events or to prospective clients. Mouse mats, mugs and printed pens are all very well, but a branded promotional folder is much more likely to be used and seen by others and will generally have a longer shelf life too, which means the money you spend goes further. You can create a completely unique design that will specifically appeal to your target customers to further enhance your brand identity.

Impressive Information

Many companies need to distribute information both internally and to clients. A beautifully branded presentation folder can be used to distribute all types of documents including leaflets, posters, presentation notes, training manuals, catalogues and product information. Since much of the data presented at conferences and to clients will be used for reference, a quality folder is an ideal way to ensure that the necessary information is easily accessible.

Exceptional Design

In order for your presentation folder to pack a powerful punch, it needs to look as professional as possible, which is why if you’re considering promotional presentation folders for your business it’s best to call on the experts. You can order high quality presentation folders online complete with professionally designed branding so your folders reflect the quality of your business.


So if you want a quick and cost effective way to promote your business and get the professional edge over your competitors then order your customised presentation folders today.

How to Review and Add Comments to a PowerPoint Presentation

A unique advantage of using the Comments tool in PowerPoint 2007 is the ability to save on materials by reducing the need to print out copious amounts of paper proofs. Comments are commands which can be added to your PowerPoint presentation rather than manual mark up on paper proofs. If you need a colleague to review your presentation and have others endorse comments and amendments, you don’t have to print out multiple copies of the file to circulate round the houses.

A comment is a note that you can attach to a letter or word on a slide or to an entire slide. You can use comments when you want people to review and provide feedback on a presentation that you have created or when colleagues ask for your feedback on a presentation they have created.

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you can add, edit and delete comments. To read comments that reviewers have added to your presentation, on the Review tab, in the Comments group, click Show Markup. You can use the Previous and Next buttons to move between comments. To see all comments, you can Move between review comments. The command to add, change or delete a comment in a presentation is also housed in the Review tab, in the Comments group.

You can add more than one comment to text, an object or a slide in a presentation. Presentation reviewers can edit comments added by other reviewers – this changes the colour of the review comment thumbnail and initials to those of the current reviewer. Presentation reviewers can also delete comments added by other reviewers and this also changes the colour of the review comment thumbnail and changes the initials to those of the current reviewer.

If you use a Tablet PC, you can review and comment on a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation by using the pen and ink tools in PowerPoint. Use this system to comment on and mark up slide content by using a ballpoint pen, highlighter or felt tip pen. You can erase any changes that you make and you can also change the colour and weight of a line or text that you add while marking up the content.

The Send for Review command is not available in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. In earlier versions of PowerPoint, by using the Send for Review command with Microsoft Office Outlook or another e-mail program, you could request feedback about a draft of your presentation from reviewers, such as your colleagues and partners.

However, the easiest way to send your Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation to anyone who needs to approve or amend your work is simply to attach your presentation to an e-mail message. Reviewers can comment on your presentation by using the Comments features and then attach the marked-up presentation to an e-mail message to you. By using the Comments features in Office PowerPoint 2007, you or your reviewers can also show or hide revisions, add or amend comments.

Just one word of warning if you use PowerPoint 2003 or an earlier version: when your presentation is reviewed by anyone using Office PowerPoint 2007, they will be able to view and add comments to your presentation, but you will not be able to merge their comments into your presentation.

Another benefit of using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 is having the flexibility to add comments to your live presentation. This is particularly useful when you need to circle, underline, draw arrows, or make other marks on your slides to emphasise a point or highlight figures during a live presentation.

It’s easy to write on the slides during your slide show. While using the Slide Show view, right-click the slide that you want to write on, point to Pointer Options and then click a pen or highlighter option. Here you will see an array of tools including Ballpoint pen, Felt pen and arrow options. Simply hold down the left mouse button and drag to write or draw on your slides.

Adding and reviewing comments is just one of the many features of PowerPoint 2007 covered on a professional training course. Isn’t it time you found out how to reduce your carbon footprint?

Dynamic Presentations – Lasting Impact – Thank Your Meetings’ Venue

Who doesn’t want a highly powerful presentation that has deep and lingering effect on the audience? If you are thinking that such kind of presentations require detailed arrangements and heavy financing, then here is an eye opener for you.

A presentation does not require lots of money in order to be a good and effective one. You can create the same magic even with a lower budget. All you need is – a fresh perspective! There should be something new, something different in your presentation. No one likes the old horse being flogged back and forth.

There are many things that can lend the much required freshness to your presentations and corporate events. One of them is the meetings venue you choose. You can choose a new venue to host your corporate functions.

It is basic human nature to be attracted to new things. When you want your ideas to be long lasting and fresh in the minds of your audience, you can present them at a place, which is new in the town, (city or country) or simply not very popular among your business associates. This will make your event stay in their minds for a long time or maybe even lifetime. How? Simple psychology! They will associate your presentation with the new
meetings venue that they had visited.

Now selecting a new venue for your important meeting is not the only task. The corporate venue also has to meet some of the other but very important criteria.

1. First of all, the venue should be the right place for holding corporate events like the one you have in mind. It is very important to have the germane conference centre for providing the Midas touch to your presentation.

2. Secondly, the venue ought to be a professional and well maintained one. An unprofessional or unkempt place is a big turn off.

3. Then, there should be proper technical assistance and manpower support, especially that which is adequate for your presentation.

4. And then, it should be capacious enough to fit in all your guests comfortably.

Every time you need to look for a venue, it is not practically possible for you to go fishing for a new place. In such a case you can take assistance from professional venue finder and make your search simple and highly profitable one!