Pencils Boxes are available in Plenty of Designs and Color

You will find multiple companies that are offering custom pencil boxes. But they will not provide you the surety of the strongness of the boxes. But our company ICustomBoxes is remarkable in giving guaranteed and authentic boxes. so be sure about the safety of the product. Now we are explaining our services to our dear clients. Therefore, we anticipate these practice indicator crates with commendable packaging.

These packaging must be manufactured with an eco-friendly capacity. As we know that environmental protection is also, mandatory to deal with. Thus, we don’t refer to any harmful and uncertain things for the Pencils Boxes. Our main focus Is on the best quality packaging of the boxes. So, nobody can reject the feasibility of the box at any level.

Pencils Boxes

Pencils Boxes are available in plenty of designs and color
We want to tell our customers those boxes are beautifully designed. Thus, our experts manufacture these boxes remarkably. In that opinion, our boxes are remarkably in use due to their capability and efficacy. Thus, we customize pencil boxes in a thresholding way to entice the shoppers. Thus, we assure you that these products will never disappoint you at any cost. So, customize these boxes in thrilling designs and printing colors.

In that design, your trademark will be recognized as the most memorable and attractive in the store. So, elaborate the hype of the brand in the business through the stroking contents of the receptacles. Now we create a double lid, sleeve gable, and front and reverse tuck Pencil Box with Lock with colorful and enchanting printing capacity. In that way, the box will become eye-catching for every customer.

Pencil Box with Lock

Make Your Product More Effective with Pencil Packaging
Now we are moving towards packaging. Thus, we want to tell our customers that packaging is necessary. Thus, packaging gives the holding capacity of the product. Now our experts use cardboard and corrugated papers for the pencil box packaging. In that opinion, these papers are recyclable and resolute. It gives a composed powerpack look to your product as well.

Consequently, when you impersonate these pointers in these pencil boxes. You will remain thin the limelight. Because these boxes will have the magnetic look to attract the customers. Meanwhile, our experts are mind-blowing and enchanting. Their skills are used to prepare these tremendous in use of boxes. These remain long last and effective. It makes your product commendable and enchanting in front of the audience.

Now we want to explore the features of the boxes like Presentation Boxes. Thus, these boxes can remain long last. They are effective because of the recycling in prices. The cost of these packaging papers is less as compare to other papers. So, you don’t need to be worry regarding the cost and composed look of the product.

We give Promotional Pencil Packaging Boxes
The packaging makes your brand less and more popular. So, it is necessary to contact such companies that give the surety of best material. Hence, we outstandingly manufacture such boxes. In that regard, your product will sell more and become an attraction. Now we are focusing on the sturdy nature of the product. Meanwhile, our procedure is remarkable in manufacturing such boxes. Thus, Custom Boxes made pencil boxes promotional as well.

Thus, in the promotion, you can request the logo and the quote as well. Now we want to tell you that promotion is very important. Because it brings popularity to your brand. Now we want to tell you that can add your promotional line to the pencil box packaging. Now you are in safe hands. So don’t need to be worry as we are here for you.

Pencils Boxes

Get pencil Boxes with a traditional rectangular shape
Every shape has its importance. But some are most attractive and eye-catching. Now we are experts also prefer rectangular shapers for the pencil boxes. Hence, pencils are large in shape. So, it is necessary to bring such boxes that suit your brand. So, we prefer rectangular shape pencil boxes for our clients. Because it stores them easily without getting damaged. You can visit over website Cosmetic Box Packaging for more details.

Now we want to tell our customers these shapes size boxes are everyone’s favorite. That’s why we produce more custom pencil boxes in this configuration. In that regard, you can also get this shape of boxes from our company. These boxes will store your pencil and fixed them easily. It reduces the fear of destructing your product.

Merits of Buying Jewellery through Online Shopping Websites

In recent times, the digital revolution of online jewellery is continually evolving. The sale of jewellery online is progressively prevalent with big luxury housesAfter buying your jewellery through online jewellery store, on delivery, you will receive the authenticity certificate that the materials used to produce jewellery. It is an unquestionable quality guarantee. For each of its pieces, Online Jewellery shopping Websites deliver an authenticity certificate that guarantees its quality.

Here are the top benefits of buying jewellery online:

Convenient – As we all discriminate, shopping online is convenient as compared to traditional shopping. Easily you can visit your desirable brand’s website, find the product you actually intend without getting out of your time. It is also suitable because you do not require waiting for the store to open. If you are very busy or work irregular hours, then you perhaps do not have the time to visit the store. It permits you to buy things without breaking your schedule.

Variety – Most physical or traditional jewellery shops have an incomplete collection of products. For so many items, they can only hold and there are frequently many policies distressing the products availability. For instance, there might be a definite jewellery item that is only obtainable to those versions of the business that exist in the shopping mall. Buying jewellery online permits you to find a wide range of products that actually you would not be able to find in a physical jewellery store.

Better prices – Many times, customers get confuse on where to buy their jewellery accessories. Better prices and cheap deals are available online, because most of the products come to you straight from the manufacturer or seller without any intervention of the middleman. Most of online jewellery stores offer rebates and discount coupons for their business to thrive.

Price Comparisons – Through Online Jewellery Store/ ShoppingWebsites researching products and comparing their prices is so much easier. Customers can easily share information and reviews with other shoppers who have first-hand experience with a retailer or product.

No crowds – Some customers hate crowds when they are shopping. Particularly during special events or festivals, they can face big problems. It tends to be more disordered when there are more crowds out and this occasionally makes us feel hurried or rush. Annoying and grumpy, smelly people also annoy customers when they out for shopping. In addition, parking has become a big issue. When you shop online, these problems can be evaded.

Hookah Flavor Saver | Review

If you want to up your hookah game, using a flavor saver is your one-shot chance! This accessory is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways for heat management. These devices are placed above a hookah bowl and replace the traditional foil. With the help of HMDs, you can now enjoy a superior smoking experience. In addition, you would have complete control over the burn rate of the hookah coal. Thus, you can control the intensity and smoothness of shisha tobacco.

What Is A Flavor Saver?

Must you have heard about “heat management devices” for hookah? If so, then you must be thinking about what they are and what they do. A flavor saver is a type of heat management device for your hookah. We get this question from many smokers, most of the time. So let’s break it all down.

A heat management device (in this case, a flavor saver) is a device that creates a barrier between hookah charcoal and tobacco. This barrier is often a metal plate made out of aluminum or stainless steel.

So is flavor saver a type of HMD? Yes, it is!

Is Your Hookah Overheating?

Now the question arises, when would you know that your shisha is overheating? You would see that it is getting overheated when there is a change in your hookah smoke. To avoid headaches during your session, the coal needs to be rotated from time to time. With the help of the pair of tongs, you can choose to select a different area on the bowl to make sure that your shisha burns evenly. You are entitled to the best flavor profile. You would also have to check the bowl from time to time to see any smoke rising out of the top of the bowl. This will prevent your hookah from burning. If you see smoke on the top of your bowl, be sure to rotate the coals. If the taste becomes harsher, try removing the coal from the bowl for several minutes and allow the tobacco to cool down. Then, try smoking again after some time!

All these issues can be circumvented if you use a flavor saver as your heat management device.

How To Use A Flavor Saver For Your Hookah Session?

Firstly, this hookah accessory can be used with any hookah bowl. There is no specific hookah bowl that needs to be used when it comes to a flavor saver. Next comes its setup. Prepare your hookah bowl with foils as you usually would. Next, place the flavor saver on top of your coil. You have now successfully created a metal barrier to diffuse the intense direct heat. Finally, put your preferred coal on your flavor saver, and give it time to heat.

While using an HMD, you need to expect a slightly longer time to warm up the bowl. Since the coals are further away, it would take a few extra minutes and puffs to get it going. However, it is worth it with the extended time since you are getting an extended session without burnt-out flavors.

While using a flavor saver, you would get to see that you can use more charcoal than you usually would! So using this accessory is pretty beneficial if you are looking for extended smoking sessions.

Pros Of Using A Flavor Saver

There are a great number of advantages when it comes to using a flavor saver. Also, when you start using this accessory during your hookah session, you would get to experience the difference.

Some of the pros of using a flavor saver are as follows:

When you smoke Tangiers with natural coals, using a flavor saver is pretty beneficial.
It is a common thing done by persistent smokers to throw the coconut coals halfway. A complete cycle of coconut charcoal lasts around 40 minutes. You would need to start putting in new coals. However, once you start using a flavor saver, you can toss three full coconut coals on top of it and let it burn. With three full coals, the shisha heats up twice as fast as any other standard coal. The benefit? You can smoke your shisha for almost 2 hours without any interruption.
Heat management becomes very easy. It provides you with a vast margin of heat to work with. There is no need to worry about scorching your shisha. When you use this accessory, you will understand the difference right away!
Since there is no risk of scorching the shisha, it makes your flavor “cleaner.” However, this is not what a flavor saver is used for.
The heat produced with this accessory is evenly distributed. It is advised that you should smoke Tangiers while using a flavor saver.
Cons Of Using a Flavor Saver

There are quite a few disadvantages while using this accessory. If you are going to use a flavor saver, there are some things you need to keep in mind before using one for your smoking session.

Flavor saver can only be used when you’re smoking Tangiers. It is highly effective and can only be used with Tangiers. If you are planning on using it for some other hookah tobacco, it wouldn’t be as effective as it is.
You would need to put more coals in your bowl. This means that you will end up spending more on coals per bowl. This would lead to an extra expense to your hookah session.
This accessory is pretty beneficial for someone who wants an easy smoking session! However, for those who like to exercise their mastery in packing bowls and managing heat, this is an unnecessary accessory.
Review Of Flavor Saver From Our Point Of View

We have reviewed the best flavor savers in the market and came to the following conclusion. Likewise, this is our point of view and can hugely differ from the rest of the smokers.

A flavor saver is only beneficial for smoking Tangiers. If you are smoking something else other than Tangiers, then this equipment is entirely unnecessary. You can easily have a 3-hour long smoking session without any interruption.
The spiral of this accessory does not lock the heat.
You cannot replace this accessory just by packing the shisha lower. If you pack it lower, you trap the heat in the space between the bowl and the shisha. With a flavor saver, a considerable amount of heat is lost between the spiral and the bowl.

Some smokers argue that a flavor saver isn’t a heat management device. This is because they do not enclose the hookah coals. These HMDs are a spiral of sheet metal with a handle that can be easily rotated to avoid hotspots. However, these cannot be adjusted in any way when it comes to airflow.

Blackberry Curve 8520 Deals Presents the Curvy Beauty

The all new Blackberry Curve 8520 is one handset that has carried on with the legend of Blackberry phones. This is one beautiful handset which has a lot of features. It is a great amalgam of beauty and efficiency.

Various Blackberry Curve 8520 Deals are available in the market. These deals are formed so that the handset gets cheaper. And the percentage of people who purchase cheap and good mobile phones, increases consistently. These amazing deals can be taken up with any network such as T Mobile, Three Mobile, O2, Orange, Virgin, Vodafone, etc. All the major network players of UK bring Curve 8520 with their networks.

Blackberry Curve 8520 Deals brings you the handset which has Blackberry’s own operating system. It is powered with a 512 MHz processor. The phone works on 2 G network. This phone is not very large, its size is 109 x 60 x 13.9 mm. This 106 gram phone has a has a fantastic 3.15 mega pixel camera. With this camera, you can capture every precious moment of your life. The images photographed by this handset are of good 2048×1536 pixel resolution. The camera also has a LED Flash. This flash can be used, and you will get nice snaps even if you are clicking in the dark.

The data storage capacity of the phone is also very nice. But you want you can increase the capacity by using a micro SD card. The memory of the phone can be increased up to 32 GB. As far as the connectivity is concerned the handset is good at it as well. Blue tooth, GPRS, 3G, EDGE, Video, Wi-Fi, GPS, All are present to provide you the best of connectivity.

PrePaid Heating Up – Big Growth In Spite Of Economy Presents Much Needed Opportunity For Retailers

Last year, while most considered the economy to be in a recession, prepaid card usage experienced a 61% increase in growth (source: Mercator Advisory Group). And with usage projected to triple from $120 bil in 2009, to over $440 bil by 2017, smart business owners are getting ready to ride the trend and cash in. Here’s a quick look at a few of the markets that are expected to benefit the most, as well as a few tips on how you can profit from this exciting opportunity.

What Are “Open Looped” and “Closed Looped” Cards?

There are several ways to define the prepaid card market. There’s ‘open-looped’ and ‘closed-looped’, gift cards and loyalty cards, payroll cards, one time incentive cards, and more. But what, exactly, are ‘branded’ cards? That’s easy. Both to define and to remember.

Branded cards have either the VISA or Mastercard brand logo on them. These are referred to as ‘open-looped’ because, unlike a store gift or rewards card (which can only be used at one of a specific businesses locations)… a branded card can be used almost anywhere. Anywhere that takes Mastercard and VISA that is.

By contrast, a good example of a “non-branded” card, would be a Target Card. You can use a Target card at any Target store in the country – but you can’t use your Target card at WalMart – because WalMart is out of Targets’ “loop”. That’s what is meant by a “closed loop”. Usage is ‘closed’ from anywhere except it’s own store location.

But unlike a Target or WalMart card, a VISA prepaid card can be used at WalMart, or Target, or any other place that accepts VISA. The same thing goes for MasterCard. And that, my friend, is a lot of places.

Who Uses PrePaid?

So, who uses prepaid cards? And what markets do they represent?

The answer is what makes this market so exciting. Their usage, (and therefore their markets), seem to be an ever expanding universe. Consider a few of the following and you’ll begin to understand the scope of it.

A few of the ways prepaid cards are being used are:

Payroll – many employers use them as a cost-savings alternative to traditional paper checks
Incentives – companies preload a certain dollar value onto a card (which as you remember, can be spent anywhere that accepts VISA & MC) as bonuses for qualifying sales contests, etc.
customer rebates – many vendors offer rebates on cards (vs. mailing a paper check)
gift cards – for convenience in gift giving
loyalty/rewards cards – to encourage and reward customers for repeat business
general purpose reloadable – cards which can be reloaded over and over, which appeal to those who don’t have checking accounts (i.e., the unbanked), or, anyone who doesn’t want to carry cash
In store refunds – instead of giving cash for items returned, many are giving stored value cards, insuring money for refunds will be spent in the same store
bill paying
phone cards
Who Can Benefit

Businesses that sell prepaid cards and/or services are in an ideal position to capitalize on the tripling of growth expected in this industry.

Here are a few of the types of businesses that benefit from current trends:

convenience stores – selling reloadable cards enables store owners to capitalize on the high traffic in and out of their store each day
ethnic and specialty stores – are natural locations for international phone cards and reloadable prepaid cards
most places with high traffic and either don’t want to take checks or would like to reduce their usage can offer prepaid cards as an alternative
other businesses (see list above), who could benefit form the savings from reduced pqperwork and improved tracking of electronic payment processing
In Summary

While there’s no denying the economy presents business owners with ongoing challenges, there are still sectors where money will trend… and those who trend with them can profit tremendously.

The Breviary – Origin and Development to the Present – A Short History

The canonical hours of the present day Breviary originate in the Old Covenant of God with His Chosen People. God commanded the Aaronic priests (Aaron – first priest of that Covenant, brother of Moses) to offer morning and evening sacrifices. Other related prayer inspiration may have come from King David’s Psalm (Ps. 119:164): “Seven times a day I praise you”, and “the just man meditates on the law day and night”(Ps. 1:2)

Christian prayer and worship in the New Covenant Tradition continued the Jewish practice of regular morning and evening prayer. New Testament biblical texts, the writings from the Church Fathers, excerpts from the lives of the saints, and songs of praise based on the psalms were gradually added to the Old Testament psalms and readings. These formed the growing body of devotional practices in the Christian communities.

Breviary: In the first steps of this development the Psalms were separated into a choir-book. The president of the local church, the Bishop, or the Leader of the Choir chose a suitable psalm for use in the assembly.

Monks who practiced the daily recitation of the 150 Psalms around the fourth century began to group some of these psalms together and extended the prayer of the psalter over a week since the daily recitation of the whole psalter took a long time. Within the week each day was divided into hours and each devotional hour was assigned its portion of the Psalter.

In the sixth century St Benedict also advocated this arrangement.
Bishop Alcuin of York established an adaptation in the eighth century that included a prayer for each day and some other prayers but no lessons or homilies.

In the ninth century Bishop Prudentius of Troyes abridged the very large collection of material to a practical length. Books known as the Breviarium Psalterii, the shortened form for the laity, gave a few psalms for each day.

Communal payer developed further with additions to these psalter choir-books of antiphons to the psalms and the responses at the end of an entire psalm or a section of it. Various other short prayers were included over the years as well as passages from both the Old and New Testament. Reflections on the Gospel Reading of the day and homilies from the writings of the Church Fathers were added as well.

Note: Mendicant friars (wandering friars) travelled the country to spread the faith and help the poor. They needed an abbreviated daily office all in one portable book. Therefore single-volume breviaries flourished from the thirteenth century onwards.

Before the printing press Breviaries were written by hand, often richly colored and gilded. Initials and miniature illustrations from the life of Christ or the saints or from Bible stories surrounded the text.

Pope Gregory VII (1073-1085), simplified the liturgy. He gave this abridgment the name Breviary referring to the collection of several works into one. After variations of these payer books were used and spread by religious orders in different ways Pope Nicholas III (1277-1280) adopted the so-called “Roman” version for the curia and the basilicas of Rome. Further adaptations according to decree of the Council of Trent were published under order of Pope St. Pius V (1566-1572). Additional revisions of the Roman Breviary have occurred. Most recently by Pope Pius X in 1910. Pope John XXIII revised the Breviary in 1960 introducing changes drawn up by his predecessor Pope Pius XII.

The Liturgy of the Hours divides the payer life of Religious and lay faithful into regular periods throughout the day.

The Roman Breviary, the Breviarium Romanum, refers to a four volume set. Each volume corresponds to a ‘season’ in the cycle of the Church year. Certain religious congregations have Breviaries of their own. Generally speaking the Roman Breviary is the one in use in the world.

Some variations occur regarding celebrations of liturgies for saints venerated by a particular religious order, a nation, or local region. National Conferences of Bishops and local bishops determine the use of the Breviary in their jurisdiction.

No, not another kind of Bible – The compact book in its zippered case that priests carry with them is their Breviary; their constant companion which they pray throughout the day.

The Breviary is not exclusively Catholic. In fact any person who wishes to take up this ancient, always new practice of regular daily prayer which spiritually unites so many peoples in the world may do so.

The books are easily obtainable and any priest as well as many lay persons would be pleased to introduce a novice to this beautiful devotion. Phoning the Chancery Office of the Catholic Church in your area will provide help.

Your Relationship Exists in the Present

Everyday when you go to work you have to perform to keep your job or your position. Everyday you should work on your relationship. If you are always saying what you use to do for your spouse and what you use to do together and not what you are doing now then my suggestion and advice is to ask yourself what have you done for them lately? Relationships exist in the present. What are you doing to maintain your marriage today?

If you found yourself in a new relationship, you would be putting time and energy into that relationship almost everyday. You would go see movies that you really did not want to see, or go out to dinner just because you wanted to be with that person or do something that makes them happy. It was not just about you. If it was just about you, then I suggest it not stay that way.

Relationships take time. You should work on your marriage daily. You should put time and energy into your marriage to keep it interesting and fresh. The recent past may hold up for a minute but if you are still talking about what you did 2-3 years ago, you need to step up your game. Tell your spouse that you love them daily, keep down the drama, do some things that you really do not want to do to spend time together. Find something mutual on television to watch, so you can watch together instead of in separate rooms. Go on a date at least once per month. Make time for your marriage.

God loves us and wants us to spend time with him daily. We can reach back to our past experiences to help us through our current situations but God wants to be a part of our lives everyday, wants to spend time with us everyday. He shows us that He loves us daily. You woke up this morning if you are reading this which means you are ahead of some people; it also means you have more opportunities and blessing to look forward to today. God has an opportunity to do a new thing for you today. God loves you so much He wants to spend time with you everyday.

Good marriages do not just happen; they take work, time and energy from both people. The marriage ceremony is just the beginning. If your vertical relationship with God is right, then your horizontal relationship with your spouse will be right. Do something for your spouse today.

The Present Five Basic Needs of Man

When we look around us, we see a lot of amazing things and that include other human beings. Would these things exist without man’s need for these things? Sometimes, we see them as unnecessary, not a basic requirement for existence, or as something that we can actually do without. The days that we are living for measure the importance of these things surrounding us. Maybe these items or people are really needed for us to survive or to support life. Or maybe, they are there to give us comfort and relaxation.

Basically, man has five basic needs which these amazing things we see around us provide for. These five basic needs are the ones that make man live, the ones that enable him to relate confidently with others. These needs enumerated below would be a modern interpretation of Maslow’s hierarchy. Each one, however, may include in its purpose some aspects found in other needs labeled by Maslow. The following are the five basic needs of man:

1. Food – This is what makes humans live and grow so he can function and fulfill his purpose here on earth. Food enables humans to move and think for his own benefit and for the benefit of others.

2. Shelter – Man needs something where he can abode not only for rest but more on for his protection and security. He needs to protect himself from the wild, the elements, and even from his co-human beings.

3. Clothing – Society has evolved from the prehistoric humans until the present, yet even prehistoric man needed something to cover his body for protection against the environment. These would be the harmful factors like the cold, the burning heat, insect bites, thorns and splinters, etc. Nowadays, a prime reason for clothing is to conform to the social cause of dressing to avoid sexual immorality. The second reason would be to uplift his self-esteem in a world dictated by fashion.

4. Spiritual – With the catastrophes and an unpredictable economic status around the world, man needs a strength to hope on. He needs someone bigger than what he sees who can help him, hopefully, in the midst of problems arising in these times.

5. Friends – Friends provide the boost a man needs in order to face reality. Friends give man the strength, love, and “cushion” he needs in good times and bad times. Friends stabilize the emotional turmoil man may encounter in his life.

All these needs answer to the necessities of man in order for him to live on a leveled status, contentment and a healthy body. But, aside from these five factors one aspect a person should have in his lifetime in order to stay fit and healthy is a good chiropractor as an alternative medicine. Taking medications often may not be good for your kidney and liver; and using chiropractic to heal your ailments is a good idea.

Finding a good St Louis chiropractor is not easy if you live in St Louis, but I found a Maryland heights chiropractor who does wonders with her hands.

Dynamic Presentations – Lasting Impact – Thank Your Meetings’ Venue

Who doesn’t want a highly powerful presentation that has deep and lingering effect on the audience? If you are thinking that such kind of presentations require detailed arrangements and heavy financing, then here is an eye opener for you.

A presentation does not require lots of money in order to be a good and effective one. You can create the same magic even with a lower budget. All you need is – a fresh perspective! There should be something new, something different in your presentation. No one likes the old horse being flogged back and forth.

There are many things that can lend the much required freshness to your presentations and corporate events. One of them is the meetings venue you choose. You can choose a new venue to host your corporate functions.

It is basic human nature to be attracted to new things. When you want your ideas to be long lasting and fresh in the minds of your audience, you can present them at a place, which is new in the town, (city or country) or simply not very popular among your business associates. This will make your event stay in their minds for a long time or maybe even lifetime. How? Simple psychology! They will associate your presentation with the new
meetings venue that they had visited.

Now selecting a new venue for your important meeting is not the only task. The corporate venue also has to meet some of the other but very important criteria.

1. First of all, the venue should be the right place for holding corporate events like the one you have in mind. It is very important to have the germane conference centre for providing the Midas touch to your presentation.

2. Secondly, the venue ought to be a professional and well maintained one. An unprofessional or unkempt place is a big turn off.

3. Then, there should be proper technical assistance and manpower support, especially that which is adequate for your presentation.

4. And then, it should be capacious enough to fit in all your guests comfortably.

Every time you need to look for a venue, it is not practically possible for you to go fishing for a new place. In such a case you can take assistance from professional venue finder and make your search simple and highly profitable one!

How to Review and Add Comments to a PowerPoint Presentation

A unique advantage of using the Comments tool in PowerPoint 2007 is the ability to save on materials by reducing the need to print out copious amounts of paper proofs. Comments are commands which can be added to your PowerPoint presentation rather than manual mark up on paper proofs. If you need a colleague to review your presentation and have others endorse comments and amendments, you don’t have to print out multiple copies of the file to circulate round the houses.

A comment is a note that you can attach to a letter or word on a slide or to an entire slide. You can use comments when you want people to review and provide feedback on a presentation that you have created or when colleagues ask for your feedback on a presentation they have created.

In Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you can add, edit and delete comments. To read comments that reviewers have added to your presentation, on the Review tab, in the Comments group, click Show Markup. You can use the Previous and Next buttons to move between comments. To see all comments, you can Move between review comments. The command to add, change or delete a comment in a presentation is also housed in the Review tab, in the Comments group.

You can add more than one comment to text, an object or a slide in a presentation. Presentation reviewers can edit comments added by other reviewers – this changes the colour of the review comment thumbnail and initials to those of the current reviewer. Presentation reviewers can also delete comments added by other reviewers and this also changes the colour of the review comment thumbnail and changes the initials to those of the current reviewer.

If you use a Tablet PC, you can review and comment on a Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation by using the pen and ink tools in PowerPoint. Use this system to comment on and mark up slide content by using a ballpoint pen, highlighter or felt tip pen. You can erase any changes that you make and you can also change the colour and weight of a line or text that you add while marking up the content.

The Send for Review command is not available in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. In earlier versions of PowerPoint, by using the Send for Review command with Microsoft Office Outlook or another e-mail program, you could request feedback about a draft of your presentation from reviewers, such as your colleagues and partners.

However, the easiest way to send your Office PowerPoint 2007 presentation to anyone who needs to approve or amend your work is simply to attach your presentation to an e-mail message. Reviewers can comment on your presentation by using the Comments features and then attach the marked-up presentation to an e-mail message to you. By using the Comments features in Office PowerPoint 2007, you or your reviewers can also show or hide revisions, add or amend comments.

Just one word of warning if you use PowerPoint 2003 or an earlier version: when your presentation is reviewed by anyone using Office PowerPoint 2007, they will be able to view and add comments to your presentation, but you will not be able to merge their comments into your presentation.

Another benefit of using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 is having the flexibility to add comments to your live presentation. This is particularly useful when you need to circle, underline, draw arrows, or make other marks on your slides to emphasise a point or highlight figures during a live presentation.

It’s easy to write on the slides during your slide show. While using the Slide Show view, right-click the slide that you want to write on, point to Pointer Options and then click a pen or highlighter option. Here you will see an array of tools including Ballpoint pen, Felt pen and arrow options. Simply hold down the left mouse button and drag to write or draw on your slides.

Adding and reviewing comments is just one of the many features of PowerPoint 2007 covered on a professional training course. Isn’t it time you found out how to reduce your carbon footprint?